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Our Internet Books
These are the most recent editions of our books about the Internet. Some have updated information since the books went to press.

Online Community

  • E-Mail Hoaxes, Chain Letters, and Spam: Find out more about how to check the authenticity of messages you receive, and what to do about spam.
  • The Mailing List Gurus Page: All the commands and other information you need to subscribe to or manage a mailing list.
  • Netiquette: Plenty of helpful (and frequently amusing) advice on how to use email and usenet so you don't make a fool of yourself.
  • Usenet: The Usenet system of newsgroups, including how to participate and how to find newsgroups that interest you.
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC): The ultimate solution to free time.
  • The Origins of Online Chat: Where did on-line chatting and on-line romance start? In France, of course. Read this account by our friend Philippe who was there.
  • Smileys, Abbreviations, and Internet Jargon: Smileys are dumb, but some are kind of clever. Learn (but please don't use) them all! And while you're at it, learn some trendoid jargon to drop into your conversation and impress MOTAS (Members Of The Appropriate Sex, see you're picking it up already.)
Older Internet Services
Searching the Web
The best systems for finding stuff on the Net.

Getting Connected

  • Selecting an ISP: How to choose an Internet service provider if you're unhappy with your current one, or you're ready to graduate from AOL.
  • Fast Internet Connections: Links to information about DSL, ISDN, and cable Internet services.
  • Intranets:: More information about how to connect a LAN to the Internet, so all the machines on the LAN can share one Internet connection.
  • Our Favorite Software Sites: Sources of Internet and other applications you can download and run on your Windows PC.
  • Macs on the Net: Resources for Macintosh users.

Internet Tidbits

  • Building Web Pages: A short crash course in building your own web pages.
  • Shopping: Shopping on the Web.
  • Kids on the Net: Resources for and about children.
  • New Domains: What's up with the seven new domains that wer originally scheduled to open up over a year ago?
  • Countries on the Net: All the world's countries, who's on the net, and their two-letter domain codes.
  • Pretty Good Privacy: A short introduction to the famous program that lets you send and receive mail that nobody else can intercept.
  • Mailing Lists: How to subscribe to e-mail mailing lists, including some of our favorites lists, which send you cute or useful information (or both!).
  • Newsletters: Newsletters about wordl news and the Internet, both on-line and dead trees.
  • The History of the Net: Did Al Gore really invent the Internet? No, but he was instrumental in getting it funded!
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