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[Zap!] We buy lots of stuff online! Here are some online emporia that we've used. Note that we're not guaranteeing them, just that we've bought from them and had good luck! Our favorite things to buy online include books (new and used), videos (ditto), computers, computer parts, clothes, and, of course, domain names!
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Books galore

Everyone has heard of, and we like them. But we also buy from, Barnes & Noble, and other online book stores. It's worth checking prices at several stores, including the shipping costs, before placing an order. If you want a used or out-of-print book, check at, where people can list their new and used books for sale.

Computers and computer parts

We've bought many computers online, including cheap-o no-name computers (with mixed results) and brand-name computers from reputable dealers (we recommend the latter approach for most people). Our favorite computer stores are PC Connection (for excellent service and low shipping), Computer Discount Warehouse (their site makes it easy to compare similar systems), and Cyber Warehouse (good cheap stuff). We also buy from Dell and Gateway. Watch out when buying computers and parts via online auctions -- we've found that it's hard to know exactly what you are getting.

Videos and music

Margy (one of the Internet Gurus) and her family run Great Tapes for Kids, selling videos and audio story tapes for kids. Videos and music are also available from, as well as (videos) and CDNOW (CDs).


If you usually shop at Lands' End or L.L. Bean, why not order online? You can check out their overstocks and other sales while you are there.

Internet domain names

You can register (register your own name for the ultimate in vanity domains). We use for their low prices and good service (they are in Germany, and domain names cost about $12 year).
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Updated: Mar 14, 2001

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