Internet: The Complete Reference, 2nd Edition

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By Margaret Levine Young, Douglas Muder, David C. Kay and Alison Barrows.
June 2002, 800 pages, US$39.95 ISBN 0-07-219-415-4

If you want to know more than The Internet For Dummies includes, this is the book for you. Written to pick up where our Dummies book leaves off, this book has the complete details about all the major Web browsers, e-mail programs, and chat programs. It has chapters about e-mail security, uploading and downloading files, and a whole section on creating your own Web site.

You'll find out how to:

  • Connect to the Net via dial-up, DSL, cable, or a LAN (using Internet Connection Sharing)
  • Configure your e-mail program to sort your incoming mail into folders, including throwing away lots of spam
  • Chat online (including voice and video) using Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, ICQ, and other programs; read Usenent newsgroups
  • Browse the Web with Internet Explorer 6, Netscape Navigator 4.x, and Netscape 6.x (Mozilla)
  • Download and install software and other files using FTP
  • Locate a wealth of information online -- news, weather, books, investment tips, health information, and more
  • Create basic to advanced Web pages, including audio files
  • Control the format of your web page text using cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Add Java-based features to your web pages, like calendars, chat rooms, and message boards (without programming)
  • Register your domain name

Table of Contents

Part I: Connecting to the Internet
Chapter 1. Internet Connection Concepts
Chapter 2. How the Domain Name System Works
Chapter 3. Configuring Your Internet Connection
Chapter 4. Intranets: Connecting LANs to the Internet

Part II: Exchanging E-Mail
Chapter 5. E-Mail Concepts
Chapter 6. Configuring Your E-mail Program
Chapter 7. Sending and Receiving Files by E-mail
Chapter 8. Fighting Spam, Sorting Mail, and Avoiding E-mail Viruses

Part III: Chatting and Conferencing on the Internet
Chapter 9. Online Chatting, Messaging, and Conferencing Concepts
Chapter 10. E-Mail Mailing Lists
Chapter 11. Usenet Newsgroup Concepts
Chapter 12. Reading Usenet Newsgroups
Chapter 13. Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Chapter 14. Instant Messaging
Chapter 15. Web-based Chat Rooms and Message Boards
Chapter 16. Voice and Video Conferencing

Part IV: Viewing the World Wide Web
Chapter 17. World Wide Web Concepts
Chapter 18. Streamlinging Your Browsing
Chapter 19. Keeping Track of Your Favorite Web Sites
Chapter 20. Web Security, Privacy, and Site-Blocking
Chapter 21. Searching the Web
Chapter 22. Audio and Video on the Web

Part V: Creating and Maintaining Web Sites
Chapter 23. Web Site Creation Concepts
Chapter 24. Creating Web Pages by Hand
Chapter 25. Using Web Page Editors
Chapter 26. Creating and Optimizing Web Graphics
Chapter 27. Creating Web Audio Files
Chapter 28. Forms, Interactivity, and Database-driven Web Sites
Chapter 29. Advanced Web Page Options
Chapter 30. Uploading Web Pages
Chapter 31. Building Traffic to Your Site
Chapter 32. Web Commerce

Part VI: File Transfer and Downloading
Chapter 33. File Transfer by Web, FTP, and Peer-to-Peer
Chapter 34. Downloading and Installing Software

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