Internet Secrets

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see Internet Secrets, 2nd Edition.

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By John R. Levine and Carol Baroudi.
1995, US$39.99, C$54.99, £38.99, 1000 pages, ISBN 1-56884-452-2.

The Internet's a big place with a lot of secrets, and we rounded up 1000 pages of the most interesting and useful ones we could find. Includes one diskette of software, and one diskette with searchable lists of mailing lists.

Expert Contributors from Around the World

  • Philippe Le Roux, Servacom, Montreal, Que. Ten years of experience with social aspects of the Net.
  • Joel Furr, Duke University, Durham N.C. A true Net legend, with his own fan newsgroups.
  • Dave Kinnaman, Austin Tex. Author or Co-author of several books on the Internet and on-line business.
  • Robert Fabian, Ph.D., GSA Consulting Group, Toronto, Ont. Over 25 years of experience in the information technology field.
  • Lee Stral, Chicago, Ill. Journalist and consultant, on-line since he swapped his TRS-80 for an Apple ][.
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Imperial College, London, U.K. Acknowledged Internet expert on international e-mail networks and viruses.
  • ... and dozens more

Table of Contents


Part I: Essays about the Net
1. Virtual Intimacy -- Tales from Minitel and More
2. Internet Culture and Folklore
3. Usenet
4. Doing Business on the Net
5. Internet Privacy and Security
6. Internet Access for People with Disabilities
7. Smileys

Part II: Connecting to the Internet
8. DNS: The Domain Name System
9. Connecting Your UNIX System to the Net
10. Linking Your Organization's Network to the Net
11. Maintaining Large Networks
12. Personal Internet Access Using SLIP or PPP
13. Tuning TCP/IP
14. Connecting your Macintosh to the Internet
15. Macintosh TIA: A Lighthearted Guide to a Heavy Topic
16. OS/2 Warp and the Internet

Part III: Taming the Internet
17. Signature, Finger, and Organization Headers: Telling the World Who You Are
18. The Internet by E-Mail
19. Supporting Non-English Characters in Internet Applications
20. Finding Things on the Net
21. Power IRC
22. Scaling the World Wide Web
23. Gopher Secrets
24. Using WAIS
25. Managing Mail
26. Network News

Part IV: Becoming an Internet Provider
27. Look Ma, I'm an Internet Provider
28. Setting up a European Internet Provider
29. Running a Gopher Server
30. Running a WWW Server on Windows

Part V: The Best Internet Applications
31. The Complete WinSock Applications Roundup
32. Macintosh Internet Applications
33. Installing the Shareware Disks

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