Microsoft Works for Windows For Dummies

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By David C. Kay.
400-430 pages, cheap at US$19.99. C$26.99, £18.99.
For Windows: ISBN 1-56884-214-7
For Windows 95 (Version 4.0 of Works) : ISBN 1-56884-944-3.
For Windows 95 (Version 4.5 of Works) : ISBN 0-7645-0231-X

Microsoft Works For Windows For Dummies is the ultimate beginner's guide to one of the most widely-used "integrated applications" of word-processor, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and communications.


  • Microsoft Works 4.5 is out and -- guess what -- it's almost exactly the same as Works 4.0. Works 4.5 gives Internet Explorer (IE) 3.02 with Works, and a bit more clipart. Microsoft Works 4.5 for Windows 95 for Dummies includes instructions on installing and using IE 3.02, plus additional material on existing stuff wherever we could squeeze it in.
  • If Works 4.5 was installed on your computer at the factory, check to see if you actually have Microsoft Works Suite 99 (formerly Microsoft Home Essentials). There won't be anything on your screen that says, "Works Suite," but you will have not only Works 4.5, but also Word 97, Money 99, Greetings, Encarta, and various puzzles. In that case, you want Microsoft Works Suite 99 for Dummies"

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