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If you'd like to write to us, please read this page and pick the appropriate address to write to. We get a lot of mail, and messages sent to the wrong address are liable to be delayed, perhaps for several years.

Testing Your E-mail

If you need to test your e-mail account, feel free to write to any time. You'll get a friendly response, usually within seconds, from our mailbot.

Our Books

If you have a question or comment about one of our books, please visit our books page, and find the page for that particular book, which has the e-mail address for that book.

Other People's Books

There are lots and lots of Dummies authors, but this web site is maintained by the small group that lives here. If there's no listing on our books page for the book you want, we didn't write it, so you'll have to write c/o the publisher.

Hungry Minds

All "For Dummies" books are published by Wiley Publishing (formerly Hungry Minds, formerly IDG Books Worldwide), who have their own very nice web site and a variety of e-mail contact addresses.

Writing a Book

If you want to write a "For Dummies" book, you'll have to send a proposal to Wiley, who have a guidelines page for prospective authors. It is our impression that, like most publishers, they rarely accept proposals for "For Dummies" books from hitherto unpublished writers not represented by a literary agent, but you can always ask.

This Web Site

If you have a question or comment about this Internet Gurus Central web site, you can ask the Please include the URL of any page you're asking about or commenting on.
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