Microsoft Works for Windows For Dummies

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By David C. Kay.
400-430 pages, cheap at US$19.99. C$26.99, £18.99.
For Windows: ISBN 1-56884-214-7
For Windows 95 (Version 4.0 of Works) : ISBN 1-56884-944-3.
For Windows 95 (Version 4.5 of Works) : ISBN 0-7645-0231-X

Microsoft Works For Windows For Dummies is the ultimate beginner's guide to one of the most widely-used "integrated applications" of word-processor, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and communications.

Table of Contents

Part I: Survival Skills
Chapter 1: Starting
Chapter 2: Getting Around
Chapter 3: Basic Editing and Formatting
Chapter 4: Basic Printing

Part II: The Wily Word Processor
Chapter 5: In Search of The Wily Word Processor
Chapter 6: Hacking Through the Jungle of Your Text
Chapter 7: Keeping up Appearances
Chapter 8: Fancier Word-Processing Documents

Part III: Setting Sail with Spreadsheets
Chapter 9: Spreading Your First Sheets
Chapter 10: Making Calculations
Chapter 11: Tidying Up and Printing Your Spreadsheets

Part IV: Doing Active Duty at the Database
Chapter 12: Reporting for Duty at the Database
Chapter 13: Making Changes in Your Database
Chapter 14: Finding and Filtering in Your Database
Chapter 15: Sorting and Reporting

Part V: Exploring the Communications Wilderness (Works 4.x: Exploring the Internet Wilderness)
Chapter 16: Preparing for The Communications Wilderness (Works 4.x: Gearing Up for Online Adventure)
Chapter 17: Entering The Communications Wilderness (Works 4.x: Exploring with Internet Explorer)
Chapter 18: Surviving in The Communications Wilderness (Works 4.x: Using Works' Communications Tool)
Chapter 19: Homesteading in The Communications Wilderness (Works 3.0 and 4.0 only)

Part VI: Creating Great Works of Art: Graphics
Chapter 20: Creating a Work of Chart
Chapter 21: Polishing Your Work of Chart
Chapter 22: Producing Works of Art

Part VII: The Part of Tens
Chapter 23: Ten Golden Rules (Works 3.0 & 4.0)
Chapter 24: Ten Nifty Tricks (Works 4.x)
Chapter 25: Ten Things NOT to Do
Appendix A: Wisdom and Wizardry for Common Tasks
Appendix B: Installing Works (Works 3 only)

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