The Internet for Dummies, 6th edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies, 8th edition.

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By John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi and Margaret Levine Young.
March 1999, 380 pages, US$19.99. C$28.99, £18.99, ISBN 0-7645-0506-5.

Sixth time's the charm! After all these years, the Internet keeps changing, and so does The Internet for Dummies. Fully revised for 1999, with coverage of the Net's hot topics, including building your own home page, and on-line chat, and WebTV!


  • Note: This book is reprinted several times per year, and the publisher is pretty good about correcting errors. This means that, with luck, your copy will already have fixed a lot of these mistakes.
  • Page 89: Fourth line of text ``companies are advertise'' should be ``companies advertise''.
  • Page 117: In the second paragraph in the second column, the first sentence should end ``from which little data ever escapes.'' We don't do no double negatives around here.
  • Page 186: The text in the grey box near the top of the page should be aligned at the left margin rather than having most of the lines indented.
  • Page 341: Secure servers should say ``secure servers so that others can't intercept''
  • Index: the page numbers for all references after page 300 are wrong. Yes, that's really embarassing. They're off by between 2 and 8 pages.


  • Page 183: The sidebar box at the bottom of the page suggests that you not use the junk mail filter built into Outlook Express 5.0. The final released version of OE 5.0 removed the junk mail filter so it's not there for you not to use at all.

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