The Internet for Dummies, 8th edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies, 10th edition.

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By John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi and Margaret Levine Young.
February 2002, 384 pages, US$21.99. C$32.99, £18.99, ISBN 0-7645-0894-6.

After all these years, the Internet keeps changing, and so does The Internet for Dummies. Revised for 2002, with coverage of Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, AOL 7, and other topics, including online communities, shopping, spam, viruses, and privacy!


  • Note: This book is reprinted several times per year, and the publisher is pretty good about correcting errors. This means that, with luck, your copy will already have fixed a lot of these mistakes.
    But write to us if you see anything bogus!
  • Page 86:HTTP is short for ``hypertext transfer protocol'', not hypertext transport protocol.
  • Page 199: box should go around only the single sentence "Call them on the phone and ask them", not the following pp.
  • Page 208: each of the four icons should appear to the left of a bullet, not in a group at the top of the bullet list.
  • Page 268: delete world wide web icon next to grey box


  • Page 290: In the sidebar, 2nd column, change $9.95 to $14.95. (AOL raised the price.)

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