Internet Secrets

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see Internet Secrets, 2nd Edition.

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By John R. Levine and Carol Baroudi.
1995, US$39.99, C$54.99, £38.99, 1000 pages, ISBN 1-56884-452-2.

The Internet's a big place with a lot of secrets, and we rounded up 1000 pages of the most interesting and useful ones we could find. Includes one diskette of software, and one diskette with searchable lists of mailing lists.

On-line Updates

  • Some of the chapters are related to FAQs and other material available on-line. The on-line stuff is usually (but not always) updated more often than the book.
  • Chapter 12, SLIP/PPP Internet access, updates.
  • Chapter 15, Mac TIA, updates.
  • Chapter 17, Signature and Finger, updates.
  • Chapter 24, Using WAIS, updates.
  • Chapter 25, Using Pine, updates.
  • Chapter 25, Filtering Mail, updates.
  • Chapter 26, trn newsreader, updates. Look at the README file in this directory.

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