MORE Internet for Dummies, 4th edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see Internet: The Complete Reference, Millennium Edition and Internet Secrets.

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By John R. Levine and Margaret Levine Young.
1998, 380 pages, US$22.99. C$32.99 £21.99, ISBN 0-7645-369-3.

There's a lot more to say about the Internet than we had room for in The Internet for Dummies. However, this book didn't sell well eough to justify updating it almost yearly, the way we do for The Internet For Dummies. So although this is the latest edition of it's terribly out of date and we don't recommend it any more. Instead, get Internet Secrets or Internet: The Complete Reference, both of which have lots more information than either For Dummies book (because they are over twice as big!).

Important Features

  • Tells you how to get your Windows system on the Net using free or inexpensive shareware.
  • An even more expanded section tells you how to create a home page, your personal billboard on the Information Supercollider, er, highway.
  • Expanded discussion of the ins and outs of Net multimedia applications including on-line chat, and Internet voice.
  • More on how to use the Net for business, and how to register your own Internet domain name.
  • Still has lots of great Net resources and the Official alt.folklore.urban Trivia Quiz.

Table of Contents


Part I: We're Back!
1. Back Into the Fray
2. Resource, Resource, Who's Got the Resource?

Part II: Connecting to the Internet
3. The Coolest Way to Get Connected: Dial-up PPP Accounts
4. Becoming Well Connected
5. Grabbing Software over the Net
6. Grabbable Software

Part III: The Fine Art of Browsing
7. Browser Basics
8. Advanced Surfing Techniques
9. More Fun with Browsers

Part IV: More Ways to Waste Time Online
10. Ladies and Gentlemen, Step Right This Way
11. Meeting on the Net
12. All the News That Fits and Considerably More
13. How to Break into Computers on the Net
14. Internet Classic
15. Fun and Games on the Net

Part V: Home Page, Ho!
16. Home-Page Bound
17. Pretty as a Picture -- and Well Connected Too
18. Everything Else We Know about Web Pages

Part VI: Doing Business on the Net
19. Present and Accounted For
20. A Place of One's Own
21. Have I Got a Secret?
22. Cool Stuff Is Out There

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