Internet: The Complete Reference, Millennium Edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see Internet: The Complete Reference, 2nd Edition.

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By Margaret Levine Young, Douglas Muder, David C. Kay, Alison Barrows and Kathy Warfel.
February 1999, 923 pages, US$39.95 ISBN 0-07-211942-X

If you want to know more than The Internet For Dummies includes, this was the book for you. (But be sure to get the new 2nd Edition, not the older Millennium Edition). Written to pick up where our Dummies book leaves off, this book has the complete details about all the major Web browsers, e-mail programs, and chat programs. It has chapters about e-mail security, uploading and downloading files, and a whole section on creating your own Web site.


  • Page 261, "Receiving Messages in Digests," second paragraph, the command to switch to digests is "set listname digest" (no S on the end of "digest").
  • Page 520: MediaFind no longer exists.

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