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By John R. Levine and Margaret Levine Young.
May 1995, 375 pages, US$19.99. C$26.99, £18.99, ISBN 1-56884-361-5.

"UNIX For Dummies" got you started with UNIX. Now you want to know more. This book reveals how to use different UNIX shells, including the new Bourne-Again shell (bash), as well as how to write scripts and use sed and awk. Most importantly, many UNIX systems connect to the Internet, and you'll learn how to use e-mail, Usenet newsgroups, telnet, the World Wide Web, Gopher, FTP, and IRC -- all the great Internet services!


  • On page 46, the example in the first column is missing a single quote at the end. It should read:
    alias cd 'chdir \!* && set prompt="$cwd>"'
    (thanks to Jonathan Dunn for noticing this).
  • On page 59, the examples in the grey boxes have a few typographical errors. The first read example should be:
    read ok_to_delete
    (That is, the hyphens should be underscores.)
    The example in the box at the bottom of the page is missing one very important character. The third line should read:
    case $ok_to_delete in
    with a dollar sign in front of the variable name. Thanks to reader Glenn P. for noting this.

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