The Internet for Dummies, 3rd edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition and The Internet for Dummies, 5th Edition Starter Kit.

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By John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi and Margaret Levine Young.
December 1995, 400 pages, US$19.95. C$26.95, £18.99, ISBN 1-56884-620-7.

We slaved away for months making our favorite book even better. And it's now in stores just in time for those crucial last minute Hallowe'en and Columbus Day gifts. (Remember, one copy per recipient may not be enough.)


  • Note: This book is reprinted several times per year, and the publisher is pretty good about correcting errors. This means that, with luck, your copy will already have fixed a lot of these mistakes.
  • The cheat sheet at the front of the book refers to an appendix listing the country codes used in country-specific host and e-mail addresses. Unfortunately, due to space constraints we couldn't fit that table into the book. Oops. The table is based on a master version maintained by Prof. Lawrence Landweber at the University of Wisconsin. It's available as a text file (small, about 9K), a Postscript map (large, about 200K) you can print on your laser printer, or a BMP graphics file (larger, about 240K) you can view on your screen.
  • There's a line missing at the bottom of page 21. The last sentence should read: "You can still use CompuServe and Delphi with a terminal emulator if you have some other kind of computer, but AOL and Prodigy require that you use their software, and even the services you can use via a terminal emulator look much nicer if you use the software package."
  • On page 43, the correct way to subscribe to the behavior mailing list is to send ``sub behavior your real name'' to
  • On page 60, the URL for the weather page is
  • On page 113, in the sidebar, on the last line of the first column, the line has some extra spaces in it. It should read:
    is majordomo@hostname, and the
    In the righthand column of the same sidebar, add ``or sub'' right after ``send subscribe'' the first time it appears. (Fixed in
  • In Chapter 10, the screen shot in Figure 10-2 on page 154 is really the one for 10-5 on page 175, the screen shot in 10-3 on page 156 is really 10-2, and 10-5 is really 10-3. Is that clear? (Thanks to reader Royse Radio for noticing this.)
  • On page 188, in the line that starts $ archie -ld, the d should be excised.
  • On page 191, in the first paragraph after the Veronica, My Darling heading, change the first sentence to:
    Gopher, a menuing system that was a precursor to the World Wide Web, lets lots and lots of people...
    (Chapter 11 doesn't actually say anything about Gopher. Oops.)
  • On page 249, to the paragraph with the Warning icon, add: ``Also, AOL doesn't work with WinSock e-mail or Usenet newsreader programs, like Eudora or Free Agent.''
  • On page 250, third line from the bottom ``disconnect from your AOL provider'' should be ``disconnect from your Internet provider''.
  • On page 317, Bill Gates' e-mail address is now Addresses for Microsoft Network users end with, not
  • To the list of Freenets on page 350, add the following:
    • SEFLIN Free-Net
      Broward County, FL
      Modem: (954) 765-4332
    • SEFLIN Free-Net
      Dade County, FL
      Modem: (305) 372-6375
    • SEFLIN Free-Net
      Palm Beach, FL
      Modem: (407)233-2670
  • Page 380, missing glossary entry:
    shell account An Internet account that lets you use a UNIX system, typing yucky commands to the UNIX ``shell'' (command interpreter). See Chapter 15.
  • When our tireless readers point out more boo-boos, we'll list them here.


  • The Consummate Winsock Applications page, which we recommend on pages 252 and 355 has moved to

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