The Internet for Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies Quick Reference, 4th edition.

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By John R. Levine, Margaret Levine Young and Arnold Reinhold.
November 1995, 210 pages, US$12.99. C$17.99, £11.99, ISBN 1-56884-977-X.

The new line of Quick References has a swell plastic ring binding so, at last, it'll lay flat on your desk. (The old quick refs had plenty of useful info, but you did have to learn to type with one hand while holding them open with the other.) So we figured we might as well improve the contents to keep up with the improved binding.

The original Quick Ref was written as an adjuct to The Internet for Dummies and had (we admit it) far too many references to the big book for further info. We fixed that--the new edition stands alone, perhaps even more than our editors wanted.

We also think this is the perfect book to take along in your Road Warrior Kit along with your Internet-equipped laptop. Take a few extras to give to friends and business contacts as well.

What's new?

  • A whole new introductory section on getting your computer on the Net.
  • Detailed info on surfing the web from AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy.
  • More on electronic mail, featuring Eudora, Pine, and even Netscape.
  • More step by step instructions.
  • New sections on e-mail security, writing your own Web page, and more

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting to Know the Internet
What Is the Internet?
What's So Great about the Internet?
What Services Does the Internet Provide?
What Can I Do with the Internet?
Will the Internet Take a Lot of My Time?

Part II: Getting Started
Hooking Up
Buying a Computer for Internet Access
Gearing Up the Computer You Already Own
Getting Online Without Much Money
Selecting an Internet Provider
Protocols Used on the Internet

Part III: Electronic Mail
America Online (AOL)
Berkeley Mail (UNIX systems)
elm (UNIX systems)
Eudora (Windows and Mac)
Finding E-Mail Addresses
Netscape Navigator 2.0
Notification of Arriving Mail
Pine (UNIX Systems)
Sending Mail to Folks with Accounts on Online Services
Smileys and Emoticons

Part IV: Usenet Newsgroups
Frequently Asked Questions
Newsgroup Names
News Netiquette
Posting Your First Article
Reading News with America Online
Reading News with CompuServe
Reading News with trn (UNIX systems)
Reading News with Trumpet
Starting your Own Newsgroup

Part V: Mailing Lists
Addresses Used with Mailing Lists
Finding a Mailing List
Getting On and Off a Mailing List
Open and Closed Mailing Lists
Receiving Mailing List Messages
Sending Messages to a Mailing List
Sending Special Requests to Mailing Lists
Starting your Own Mailing List

Part VI: The World Wide Web
Getting Started
Navigating Around
Uniform Reseource Locators (URLs)
Using AOL to Browse the Web
Using Lynx to Browse the Web
Using Netscape to Browse the Web

Part VII: Moving Files with FTP
Connecting to an FTP Server for Anonymous FTP
Downloading Retrieved Files to your PC
Using FTP via E-Mail
Using FTP form a WinSock or MacTCP Program
Leaving FTP
Listing the Files in Directories
Moving to Other Directories
Retrieving Files
Retriving Groups of Files (UNIX only)
Storing Files on FTP Servers
Summary of UNIX FTP Commands
Uncompressing and Decoding Retrieved Files
Using FTP from a UNIX Shell Account
Using FTP on America Online
Using FTP on Compuserve

Part VIII: Finding Resources on the Net
Finding Files with Archie
Using Gopher to Cruise Gopherspace
Searching Text Databases with WAIS
Searching for text
Searching for text in documents
Mailing yourself a copy of a document
Selecting databases to search
Server database

Part IX: Online Communication
Finding Public Systems to Telnet to
Using finger
Using talk
Using telnet
Using th3270 to Connect to IBM Mainframes

Part X: Indispensable Internet Resources
The CIA World Fact Book WWW Pages
Infoseek WWW Page
Library of Congress WWW Page and Telnet Site
MagicURL Mystery Trip WWW Page
Net-Happenings WWW Page and Mailing List
NEW-LIST Mailing List
news.announce.newusers Newsgroup
A Reporter's Internet Survival Guide WWW Page
The Virtual Tourist II WWW Page
Yahoo! WWW Page

Part XI: Advanced Topics
E-Mail Security
Web Home Pages
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Appendix A: Internet Connections by Country

Appendix B: Usenet Newsgroups



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