The Internet for Dummies, 7th edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies, 9th edition.

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By John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi and Margaret Levine Young.
February 2000, 360 pages, US$19.99. C$29.99, £18.99, ISBN 0-7645-0674-9.

After all these years, the Internet keeps changing, and so does The Internet for Dummies. The Seventh Edition, which is the latest one out, was revised is 2000, with coverage of Windows 98 Second Edition, Internet Explorer 5, and other topics, including on-line chat, and WebTV. We're working on a new edition to cover Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6, Outlook Express 6, Windows Messenger, you name it. You'll be able to order it Real Soon Now by clicking here.

Table of Contents

Part I: Welcome to the Internet
1. What is the net? What Is the Web?
2. The Internet at Home, and Work, at School, at Play
3. The Net, Your Kids, and You

Part II: Internet, Here I Come
4. Picking Your Internet Service
5. Connecting to the Internet

Part III: Web Mania
6. Welcome to the Wild, Wonderful, Wacky, World Wide Web
7. Wrangling with the Web
8. Needles and Haystacks: Finding Stuff on the Net
9. More Shopping, Less Dropping
10. My First Home Page

Part IV: Essential Internet
11. Mailing Hither, Mailing Thither
12. Putting Your Mail in Its Place
13. Mail, Mail the Gang's All Here
14. Instant Messages, for When a Minute Just Isn't Soon Enough
15. Let's Get Together and Chat
16. Swiping Files from the Net
17. AOL" Can Twenty Million Users Really Be Wrong?
18. Tuning In with WebTV

Part V: The Part of Tens
19. Ten Frequently Asked Questions
20. Ten Ways to Find E-mail Addresses
21. Ten Kinds of Files and What To Do with Them
22. Ten Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Klutz

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