Access 97 for Windows for Dummies Quick Reference

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By Alison Barrows.
December 1996, 200 pages, US$12.99. C$17.99, £11.99, ISBN 0-7645-00562.

If you're looking for a book that fits neatly beside your monitor and gives you short, useful descriptions that tell you how to get your work done, then this is the book for you. This Quick Reference provides lots of quick explanations and step by step instructions for doing common tasks with Access 97.

Table of Contents

Part I: Access Basics
About Databases
Starting Access 97
Touring the Database Window
Getting Around in Access 97
Opening a Database File
Saving a Database File
Closing a Database File
Working with Wizards
Getting Help
Quitting Access 97

Part II: Creating and Navigating a Database
Creating a database from scratch
Using a wizard to create a database
Using the Database window
Navigating your database
Creating relationships between tables

Part III: Tables: A Home for Your Data
About Table Views
Adding Data to Your Database
Blocking Unwanted Data with an Input Mask
Changing Data Types
Changing Row Height
Changing Column Width
Copying a Field
Creating a Lookup Field
Creating a New Table
Customizing Fields Using the Field Properties Pane
Deleting a Field
Deleting Records
Editing Data in a Datasheet
Filtering Your Data
Finding Data in a Table
Formatting Datasheets
Formatting Fields
Freezing a Column in a Datasheet
Hiding a Column in a Datasheet
Identifying Records with a Primary Key
Indexing a Field
Inserting a Column or Adding a Field
Limiting Data Entries with a Validation Rule
Moving a Column in a Datasheet
Moving Around in a Datasheet
Naming Fields
Opening a Table
Renaming a Field
Saving a Table
Setting Field Size
Sorting Your Data
Splitting a Table with the Table Analyzer Wizard

Part IV: Queries: Getting Answers from Your Data
About Queries
Asking Questions in Query Design View
Attaching a Table to a Query
Correcting a Query
Creating Aggregate Calculations
Creating Action Queries
Creating Calculated Fields
Creating a Crosstab Query
Creating a Select Query
Displaying or Hiding Table Names
Filtering Only One Table with Advanced Filter/Sort
Inserting Fields in a Query Grid
Limiting Records with Criteria Expressions
Saving a Query
Sorting a Query
Using a Query Wizard
Viewing Table Relationships in a Query
Viewing Top Values
Working with Query Datasheets

Part V: Reporting Results
Adding Calculations to a Report
Adding Color to a Report
Adding Dates and Page Numbers
Aligning Report Objects
Changing Date or Number Format
Changing Font and Font Size
Changing Page Layout
Changing the Size of an Object
Copying Formatting From One Control to Another
Creating a New Report
Creating a Report from a Filtered Table
Creating a Report Using an AutoReport
Creating a Report Using Design View
Creating a Report with the Report Wizard
Creating Charts with the Chart Wizard
Creating Labels with the Label Wizard
Creating Sections in a Report
Editing Objects in a Report
Formatting Reports with AutoFormat
Inserting Page Breaks in a Report
Moving an Object
Playing With Borders
Previewing Your Report
Selecting Parts of a Report
Sending a Report to Another Application
Sorting Records in a Report
Undoing Formatting

Part VI: Forms for Displaying and Entering Data
Creating a Form
Entering Data in a Form
Formatting Your Form with AutoFormat
Inserting Controls
Inserting Formulas in Forms
Modifying Tab Order
Viewing Your Form in Design View

Part VII: Printing Your Work for the World to See
Canceling a Print Job
Changing Margins
Choosing Paper Size and Orientation
Displaying the Print Dialog Box
Fixing Printer Problems
Picking a Printer
Previewing Before You Print
Printing an Object
Printing and Collating Multiple Copies
Printing Part of an Object

Part VIII: Access 97 Tips and Tricks
Backing Up Your Database
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting
Checking Your Spelling
Importing and Exporting Data
Using the Documenter
Finding Other Access Resources


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