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Here are some tips and useful web sites for our readers who use Macintosh computers or compatibles.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of mail from users and a few Mac-related questions seem to come up all the time.

Is Apple Computer going to survive?

Many of us think so. Apple's users remain fiercely loyal and, to the surprise of many people (including one of the Gurus who lost two small wagers in the process) Apple Computer has turned around and returned to profitability. Since the introduction of the translucent iMac, Apple's share of the personal computer market has increased slightly, We think the world is better off with some competition between computer platforms.

How do I give an application more memory?

Click once on the application's icon to highlight it, and then select Get Info from the Finder's File menu. Select Memory from the Show drop-down box. In the window that appears, you will see a pair of boxes labeled Minimum size and Preferred size. Type the amount of memory you want to let the program have in these boxes.

If the icon you selected was an alias, type command-R and you will see the original icon. Click on it and then do the above.


How do I turn virtual memory on?

Select Control Panels from the Apple menu and then select the Memory control panel. Click the On button under the Virtual Memory heading and then select the amount of virtual memory in the box that appears. How much should you allow? If you have enough free disk space, set the virtual memory to equal the amount of built-in memory you have. This amount is displayed on the Memory control panel.

Why do PC Magazine editors hate the iMac?

Here are the top ten reasons:
10. They just installed Windows 98 upgrades on every PC in the office.
9. The iMac doesn't have a 5-1/4" floppy drive.
8. They need the UnInstallIt ad revenue.
7. Their phone didn't work when plugged into the iMac Ethernet jack.
6. Whoever has the most wires coming out of his computer when he dies wins.
5. Blueberry, strawberry, tangerine, lime and grape.
4. They sold AAPL short at 14.
3. They expect DOS to make a comeback.
2. Setting up Windows PCs is their favorite way to meet women.
1. If computers get this easy, no one will buy computer magazines.

Shareware, Software and other Mac Related Products

  • The Mac Orchard: Bookmark this!! It's a well run collection of the best Internet applications for the Macintosh, with lots of user reviews. It's mostly Shareware and Freeware, with a few commercial programs when the guy who runs the site thinks there's nothing better. A true Macintosh labor of love!

  • MacDirectory: Includes a searchable database of over 44,000 Mac products and services, including job opportunities, seminars and events.

  • Tucows (The Ultimate Collection of Internet Software): Used to be a Windows-only site (hence the "W" where and "I" should be in their name), but Tucows now has a fine Mac software collection.

News about the Macintosh World

  • MacInTouch Home Page: No fancy graphics here. Just a daily update of what is happening in the world of Macintosh. Makes a good home page for your browser!

  • TidBITS: TidBITS is a free, weekly, electronic publication that covers news and views relating to the Macintosh and the Internet. Simply the best and longest running Macintosh e-zine on the Internet Searchable! Can subscribe to the e-zine from this page. Run by our friends Adam and Tonya Engst, who put an astounding amount of effort into it.

  • MacWorld Magazine: The on-line home of the monthly MacWorld magazine. Searchable archives of past issues and product reviews. Check out the "mouse rating" of thousands of Mac products. Each month there is a new "Utility of the Month", only downloadable here! Extensive shareware library.

  • MacOS Rumors : Always full of late-breaking news and gossip in the world of Apple, Macintosh and related products. Updted daily, more or less.

Macintosh Support

  • Apple Support Information : A wealth of information from Apple. Download the latest software updates. Search Apple's technical library. Find Apple service providers in your area. Find technical support on-line.

  • MacFixIt: Troubleshooting solutions for the Mac. Brought to you by Ted Landau, author of "Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters" and contributing editor to "The Macintosh Bible." Troubleshooting tips, hints, work-arounds and solutions of any sort. News about documented bugs, conflicts and problems with existing versions of popular software and hardware. Announcements of new and/or updated products (specifically when the product has direct troubleshooting relevance or fixes significant troubleshooting problems with a previous version of the product) Links to other sites that have troubleshooting relevance.

  • Macintosh Software Updates Version Tracker : Keep all your Mac software at the latest-and-greatest version! Version Tracker takes the guess work out of keeping your software current. Lists current versions of over 700 Macintosh programs, with clickable links to the latest versions.

  • InformINIT and the Mac Pruning Pages: A comprehensive guide to Mac system software (that is, the operating system).

  • ShareTheMac City: Run by the ShareTheMac UsersGroup, this site provides information about shareware for the Macintosh.

  • The Generic Icon Page: Sooner or later it will happen. All your icons will turn "generic", i.e., lose all the characteristics of what program they are from, etc. When just "rebuilding the desktop" doesn't work, check out this very useful page.

Macintosh Advocacy

  • Welcome to MacAddict!: The on-line home of the monthly magazine MacAddict. No subtlety here. Pure Mac addiction. Includes past issues of MacAddict and daily updates of little tidbits, news items, downloads, etc. that MacAddict editors think you might enjoy.

  • MacAmmo: "Lock and load your debating weapons here! This information-rich site is chock-full of data you need to wage battle with foes of the MacOS. This site is structured anecdotally -- which means that we publish stories, suggestions and reports in the words of the people who submit them. We welcome anything that promotes and evangelizes the MacOS."

Thanks to Arnold Reinhold and Barbara Lapinskas for their help in gathering info for this page.

Updated: Mar 13, 2001

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