Information about Windows 98

[Zap!] Updated: Oct 11, 1999

These Web sites contain information about Windows 98:

  • Microsoft's Windows 98 page at is a good resource for general announcements and information about Windows 98. If you are upgrading from Windows 95 or Windows 3.1, click the All About link and select Features to see a list of the new features included in Windows 98. Keep scrolling down the page and you'll find a list of changes that have been made to the features you're familiar with from your version of Windows.

  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 page at covers Internet Explorer and the programs that come with it. In the Contents area of the screen, click Features to see an overview of the new features incorporated as part of Internet Explorer. From the Features list, click the program, such as Outlook Express or NetMeeting, that you want to know more about.

  • Windows Magazine at contains articles on all facets of Windows 98. Type Windows 98 in the search box and click Search. Articles are rated and listed in order according to the best match. When you see an article you want to read, click the link to see the full article.

  • PC Magazine at prints articles on a variety of computer topics, including Windows 98. To search for an article from the magazine, click Search and then type Windows 98 in the Search box. The most recent articles are listed first.

  • The Computer Network (CNET) at has the current news on all things related to computers. If you don't see an article on Windows 98 on the home page, click Search.Com and search for Windows 98. CNET searches resources around the Web to locate pages. Click a link to visit the site and view the information.

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