The Internet for Dummies, Starter Kit Edition

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies, 5th Edition Starter Kit.

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By John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi, Margaret Levine Young and Hy Bender.
March 1997, 401 pages, US$24.99. C$34.99, £23.99, ISBN 0-7645-0107-0.

The Internet doesn't hold still, and neither does The Internet for Dummies. Newly revised for 1997, with coverage of the Net's hot topics, and a CD-ROM full of useful Internet software.


  • Note: This book is reprinted several times per year, and the publisher is pretty good about correcting errors. This means that, with luck, your copy will already have fixed a lot of these mistakes.
  • Page vi: Add "http://" to the front of the URL for Margy's home page in the second paragraph so it reads
  • Page 14: In the sidebar at the bottom of the page it says that the largest Internet-free land mass in the world is New Guinea. We got e-mail telling us that Papua New Guinea got on the net on May 19, 1997. Oh, well, gotta get out that atlas again.
  • Page 32: In the sidebar at the top, Juno is still free but no longer offers 800 access. MCI Mail isn't free but does still offer 800 access.
  • Page 44: In the second paragraph of ``Mail Call'', Juno no loger offers 800 access.
  • Page 47: This is the last you'll hear from us about intranets, not Internets. Oops.
  • Page 72: We say ``All you have to do is click...'' to see the Web page related to an URL in an e-mail. In fact, you have to double-click to go to the Web page. Single click selects text, the same as anywhere else.
  • Page 73: The 32-bit version of Netscape Navigator works on Windows NT as well as on Windows 95.
  • Page 75: In the second-to-last paragraph, third sentence, replace "distribution file or your hard disk" with "distribution file on your hard disk".
  • Page 92: In the second paragraph, first word on last line, replace HMTL with HTML.
  • Page 95: In the bulleted list at the bottom of the page, delete the entry for CyberSpell. (Newer versions of Netscape have a built-in spell checker.)
  • Page 96: In the bulleted list at the bottom of the page, delete the entry for CyberSpell.
  • Page 111: Yahoo's address is with no exclamation point.
  • Page 112: In the paragraph below the grey box, !IBM-COM should be !IBM-DOM.
  • Page 115: The address for Yahoo people search is with no exclamation point.
  • Page 116: Canada 411 has a new web address. It turns out it's not a complete Canadian phone book, since it doesn't include listings from Alberta and Saskatchewan. Hey, Telus and Sasktel, get with the program, eh?
  • Page 124: Under item 1 in "Sending Mail with Eudora", Eudora's icon is a rural mailbox, not an envelope. (The door on the mailbox flops open when you have mail.)
  • Page 148: Under the description of the Good Times pseudo-virus, "spread though" should be "spread through".
  • Page 161: In the last sentence in the grey box at the bottom of the page: To subscribe to a Listproc list, send subscribe followed by the listname and your real name.
  • Page 165: In the fourth grey bar, the command to get off Listproc lists is signoff, the same as for LISTSERV.
  • Page 166:: The address to subscribe to the TRAVEL-L list is now LISTSERV@VM.EGE.EDU.TR.
  • Page 184: Under "I have something new to say", "to to" should be "to do". Ta daa!
  • Page 205: In table 12-1, FTP by mail servers, the first entry should now read
  • Page 225: After the second sentence, add ``Your system may also have the Internet Connection Wizard, which makes connection easy.'' Add to the end of the (existing) third sentence: ``, or ProgramsAccessoriesInternet ToolsGet on the Internet''. In the second line of the penultimate paragraph on the page, "one or" should be "one of".
  • Page 248: Compuserve's tech support phone numbers are now 1-800-998-9622 for Mac users and 1-800-944-9871 for PC users.
  • Page 250: In the sidebar, last paragraph, second sentence, where it says ``To register for a name, click Go and type register.'' the second ``register'' should be in typewriter font: ``To register for a name, click Go and type register.''
  • Page 252: In the last line of the last paragraph of ``Finding where to go'', changes should be charges.
  • Page 324: In the sidebar, Juno no longer has 800 access, just local dialups. At the end of the sidebar, add the sentence ``If you know someone with access to the Web, you can download the Juno software from their Web site at for free.''
  • Page 338: add to the list at the top of the page: Internet classics, including telnet, finger, ping, and gopher
  • Index: Delete entry for Cyberspell.


  • Fans of IRC, the Internet's chat system can find the long lost chapter on IRC on our web site right here
  • Canada 411 has a new web address.
  • Check back here often for more, probably more interesting, updates.

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