Dummies 101: The Internet for Windows 95

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By Margaret Levine Young and Hy Bender.
August 1996, 270 pages, US$24.95. C$34.95, £23.99, ISBN 1-56884-691-6.

Want to get someone you know onto the Internet? This book is designed to help anyone who uses Windows 95 and has a modem get started sending and receiving e-mail, browsing the World Wide Web (WWW), and participating in online discussions via mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups. Follow the step by step instructions to sign up for an AT&T WorldNet Service Internet account, install Netscape Navigator, and start surfing! Note: The AT&T WorldNet Service is available only in the United States. Readers outside the U.S. will not be able to use the included software to sign up for an AT&T WorldNet account.

Corrections and Updates

  • See the book's Web page for corrections, as well as for the files you'll need to follow the exercises, as well as information about the programs that come on the CD-ROM in the back of the book. We also list a huge collection of valuable Web pages to check out.

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