Internet for Windows for Dummies Starter Kit

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see The Internet for Dummies, 5th Edition Starter Kit.

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By Margaret Levine Young and John R. Levine.
1994, 400 pages, US$34.99. C$44.99, £33.99, ISBN 1-56884-237-6.

DON'T BUY THIS BOOK! (Didn't expect to see that, huh?) This was a special edition of the best-selling Internet for Dummies which includes Internet Chameleon 4.1 software disks, everything you need to get your Windows machine connected to the Net. But now it's obsolete. Instead, see our Internet for Dummies, Starter Kit Edition which contains up-to-date software and costs less, too.


  • Automatic signup for several national Internet providers.
  • Supports all industry standard Winsock applications such as Mosaic and Netscape.
  • Supported, commercial software.

How It Works

  • The disks contain a complete but unactivated copy of Internet Chameleon 4.1.
  • After you install the software, you have to activate it with Netmanage, by running the Instant Internet application. (It calls an 800 signup number which works throughout the U.S. and Canada.)
  • You can get a 30 day free activation. After that, if you like the software, a permanent activation is $15.
  • You can activate the software with one of the national providers and get an account at the same time as you activate the software. Some of the providers offer up to a month of free usage.
  • Or you can activate it directly with Netmanage and then configure it for any SLIP or PPP provider you want.
  • Outside North America the automatic signup doesn't work, so you have to e-mail, write, or call Netmanage to get your activation key. This is a pain, but we know people who've done it.

The Bestseller Edition

  • This book is also available as a boxed set with the Internet for Dummies Quick Reference and the 1994 Internet White Pages, for $5 more. Whoopee.

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting onto the Internet
1. What Is the Internet? Why Use It?
2. Ways to Get Connected
3. Slipping onto the Net with Chameleon

Part II: Mail and Gossip
4. On-Line Gossip: Using Chameleon Mail
5. Mail Tips
6. Getting on Mailing Lists
7. You Name It, They Talk about It: Usenet Newsgroups
8. Using NEWTNews
9. A Sampler of Nifty Newsgroups

Part III: Using Other Computers and Grabbing Files
10. Using Far-Off Computers
11. Somg Interesting Computers to Log Into
12. Elements of FTP-ing
13. FTP's Greatest Hits

Part IV: Searching the Net
14. Want a File? Ask Archie
15. Gopher Baroque
16. Swinging on the World Wide Web
17. Using Chameleon WebSurfer

Part V: Neat Stuff from the Net
18. Grabbing Software Over the Net
19. Other Cool Windows Internet Programs
20. We Have WAIS of Finding Your Information
21. Having a Problem?
22. Ten Ways to Find Fun Things to Do
A. Listing of Software on the Starter Kit Disks
B. Manually Configuring Chameleon
C. International Internet Providers

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