Internet E-mail for Dummies

Out of date! This book is no longer current. Please see E-mail for Dummies, 2nd edition.

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By John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi, Margaret Levine Young and Arnold Reinhold.
March 1996, US$24.99. C$34.99, £23.99, 384 pages, ISBN 1-56884-235-X. Includes CD-ROM.

Electronic mail sure has become popular. Everyone seems to have an e-mail address on their business cards, messages fly around offices, and around the world, and the occasional sage predicts the death of the Post Office. We're not too worried about the Post Office, but we can't imagine going back to life before e-mail. It's like life without the telephone.

If you find e-mail a bit mystifying, want to know more ways you can make e-mail work for you, or have a friend whom you'd like to get on-line, we've got just the book for you.

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In this book ...

  • Tips from the experts on effective e-mail usage.
  • Detailed coverage of the most popular e-mail programs: Eudora, Netscape, cc:Mail, Pine, Netcruiser, AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy and more.
  • Step by step instructions for each program.
  • Power e-mail: automatic mail sorting, mailing lists, mail robots, and surfing the Net via e-mail
  • E-mail security and the controversial PGP encryption program
  • CD-ROM with Windows and Mac software for Eudora, CompuServe, and Netcom.

Table of Contents

Part I: What Is E-Mail All About?
1. If You Can Type, You Can E-Mail: A Gentle Introduction to Electronic Mail
2. Getting Started
3. Basic E-Mail Concepts
4. The Finer Points of E-Mail
5. Some Technical Stuff
6. Putting E-Mail to Work
7. E-mail in Our Lives

Part II: The Two Big E-Mail Programs
8. Eudora Lite E-Mail
9. Fancy Moves with Eudora Lite
10. Netscape Mail: It's a Breath Mint and a Floor Wax!

Part III: Using On-Line Services For E-Mail
11. America On-Line Mail
12. CompuServe Mail
13. Prodigy Mail
14. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Network
15. Netcom E-Mail: Netcruiser
16. Unix Mail: Pine

Part IV: Using E-Mail at Work
17. Microsoft Mail
18. Lotus Notes Mail
19. Lotus cc:Mail

Part V: Advanced E-Mail Topics
20. How To Find Someone's E-Mail Address
21. Mailing List Fever
22. E-Mail Security
23. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
24. The Internet by E-Mail

Part VI: The Part Of Tens
25. The Ten Commandments of E-Mail
26. Ten E-Mail Messages Not to Send
27. Ten Great E-Mail Messages to Send
28. Ten Cats and Dogs: Mailing Lists You Can Chew On
Appendix A. Countries on the Internet, by Country Codes
Appendix B. Zones for Domain Names
Appendix C. What's on the CD-ROM?

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