Dummies 101: The Internet for Windows 98

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By Margaret Levine Young and Hy Bender.
August 1998, 270 pages, US$24.95. C$34.95, £23.99, ISBN 0-7645-0207-7.

Want to get someone you know onto the Internet? This book is designed to help anyone who uses Windows 98 and has a modem get started sending and receiving e-mail, browsing the World Wide Web (WWW), and participating in online discussions via mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups. Follow the step by step instructions to sign up for an AT&T WorldNet Service Internet account, install Netscape Navigator, and start surfing! Note: The AT&T WorldNet Service is available only in the United States. Readers outside the U.S. will not be able to use the included software to sign up for an AT&T WorldNet account.

In this book...

  • Install the included AT&T WorldNet Service software, which includes Netscape Navigator 4.0
  • Sign up for your own Internet account
  • Learn to send and receive e-mail (you'll even send a message to us authors and receive an automated that tells you exactly what your e-mail address is)
  • Find out how to join e-mail mailing lists on topics that interest you
  • Read articles in Usenet newsgroups, the worldwide bulletin board with tens of thousands of discussion groups
  • Browse the World Wide Web
  • Find Web pages that interest you using Yahoo!, AltaVista, and other Web directories

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Connected
Unit 1: Getting onto the Net

Part II: The World of E-mail
Unit 2: Getting Started with E-mail
Unit 3: More Mail Maneuvers
Unit 4: Sending Files over the Net

Part III: Swinging on the World Wide Web
Unit 5: Climbing onto the Web
Unit 6: Finding Information on the Web
Unit 7: Customizing Netscape

Part IV: Chatting on the Internet
Unit 8: Joining Discussions by E-mail
Unit 9: Joining Discussions by Newsgroups

Part V: Appendixes

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