Dummies 101: Access for Windows 95

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By Margaret Levine Young and Rodney Lowe.
July 1996, 236 pages, US$24.95. C$34.95, £23.99, ISBN 1-56884-693-2.

This book teaches you how to take command of Access 7, one of the most powerful database programs for Windows 95. Follow the step by step instructions to design and create tables to store your data, make queries to find the information to want to work with, and produce and print reports.

In this book...

  • Learn how databases work, including how to design tables and fields
  • Create your own databases using Access Database Wizards, or use the tables that come on the CD-ROM in the back of the book
  • Set up queries that select records from your tables
  • Make lots of neat-looking reports, including columnar reports and mailing labels
  • Import information from your old database program, or from word processing documents or spreadsheet files

Table of Contents

Part I: Creating a Database
Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Trusting a Wizard to Create Your Database

Part II: Working with Information in the Database
Unit 3: Entering and Editing Records in the Database
Unit 4: Selecting Information from a Table
Unit 5: Copying Your Old Data into Access

Part III: Printing Reports
Unit 6: Roll the Presses: Printing from Access
Unit 7: Printing Reports: Getting It on Paper

Part IV: Multitable Databases
Unit 8: Creating Multitable Databases
Unit 9: Using Multiple Tables in a Query
Unit 10: Changing the Database to Meet Your Needs

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