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Welcome to the home page of Poor Richard's Building Online Communities! Here you'll find updates to the book and links to other information about virual community.

Updates to the Book

  • eGroups has been purchased by Yahoo and folded into Yahoo Groups. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com to try it out.

  • Excite has closed down its Excite Clubs site, although its Excite Chat site still works.

  • AltaVista has closed its AltaVista Communities.

  • Deja.com was acquired by Google.com, so its Usenet search site is now at http://groups.google.com/.

  • Remarq.com no longer offers a searchable directory of mailing list and newsgroup messages, but directs you to http://www.supernews.com/.

  • Snap Clubs have been acquired by NBC, and are at http://clubs.nbci.com/.

  • MailMan is an excellent new mailing list management program. Information is available at http://www.list.org/.

  • The Community Manager Network site at http://www.communitymanager.net/ contains information for professional online community managers.

Let us know if you find any other resources that have moved (or have trouble finding them!).

  • Resources for Online Community Managers: Here's the online, updated version of the Appendix. Why type in URLs when you can click them?

  • The Mailing List Gurus Page: The authors of the book wrote a Web site just for mailing list managers.

  • Other Poor Richard's Books: Top Floor Publishing has other great no-nonsense books about the Internet, including Poor Richard's Web Site and Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions.

  • Other Books We Wrote: Like our book? Then check out the other books we've written, including Internet: The Complete Reference, Internet Secrets, and lots of For Dummies books.

  • The Internet Gurus Newsletter: We're just starting a free newsletter for our readers. If you want to receive Internet tips and tricks as well as notification about updates and new editions of our books, sign up!

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Updated: Mar 5, 2001

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