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[Internet for Dummies, 10th edition]

The Latest Internet for Dummies

Every time we turn around, something's new and different on the Internet. So we stay up to all hours of the night bringing our books up to date, too. Check out The Internet for Dummies, 10th Edition, extensively revised for 2005 and 2006, with a spiffy yellow and black and blue cover so your visiting friends can tell at a glance that you are utterly au courant. The insides of the book have improved, too, with expanded coverage of on-line chat, on-line shopping, and software downloading. Of course, we cover the latest versions of Windows XP, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer.

[Poor Richard's Building Online Communities]

Create Your Own Online Community, for Cheap!

We have participated and managing online communities for years (decades, in John's case), and they are a great way to share information about your job and your hobbies. Online communities work many different ways--as mailing lists, newsgroups, chat groups, and Web-based message boards. Poor Richard's Building Online Communities tells you how to find folks online who are discussing the topics you want to talk about, how to join in, and how to create your own communities.

[The Internet for Windows Me For Dummies]

The Internet For Dummies just for Windows Me users

The Internet For Dummies covers Windows, Macs, AOL, UNIX, you name it. If you use Windows Me (Millennium Edition), The Internet for Windows Me For Dummies is just for you. Every chapter contains detailed instructions on using the Internet programs that come with Windows Me, like Dial-Up Networking (for getting connected), Outlook Express (for e-mail), and Internet Explorer (for Web browsing). If you use Windows 98, get The Internet For Windows 98 For Dummies instead.

[Internet for Dummies Quick Reference, 6th Edition]

The Cheap, Portable, and Flat Alternative

The Internet for Dummies Quick Reference, 6th Edition fits in your pocket, won't break your budget, and has over 200 action packed pages of the info you need to know to make your way around the Net. And it has an extremely cool plastic ring binding that actually lays flat--no more typing with one hand and smooshing your book with the other.

Now with the latest info on MP3 and online music, connecting using cable modems, phone company xDSL, Web TV, and more. And don't miss On-Line Shopping from A (Airlines) to Z (Zen), with 24 more action-packed letters in between.

[Windows Me: The Complete Reference]

A thousand pages of Windows Me (Millennium Edition) Lore

You might not think there was a thousand pages of stuff to say about Windows Me, but we can assure you from experience that there is. A lot about Windows Me is the same as Windows 98 (especially if you have Windows 98 Second Edition), but a lot has changed, more often than not for the better. Windows Me: The Complete Reference has everything from how to make your computer respond to single rather than double clicks, to advanced information on scripting and hardware configuration. If you've got more that one computer in your home or office, this book explains how to connect them into a local area network (LAN) and how all the computers on the LAN can share one (1!) Internet connection. The CD-ROM in the back has the entire text and figures of the book, fully hyperlinked and an expanded, linked, glossary for instant on-line reference.

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