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Every day we highlight a comment from one of our readers. All these quotes are taken from actual reader e-mail or on-line registration cards. The only changes we make are to fix spelling and punctuation, and sometimes edit out minor details to protect the reader's privacy. This page lists the past week's quotes, in case you missed them on our home page.

Most of the quotes are favorable because (believe it or not) most of the mail we get is favorable. We get interesting unfavorable quotes now and then, and you'll see them here, too.

July 6

(about The Internet for Dummies, 6th edition)
-- Joan, Prodigy
Aw, shucks.
July 5
(about The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition)
I did't need twenty years in the computer industry to understand it. (What a waste of time)
-- Roger, England
July 4
(about The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition)
Hi, Guys,

Bear with me.

A generation ago, when I was a lot older, I knew everything. There was nothing in the world which I could not put to rights, or at least put an answer to. Now, a lot of years later, I have grown much younger,and have learned that I don't have all the answers. In fact I mostly don't have any answers, just a lot of thoughts and ideas. I have come to accept that there is a real difference between 'need' and 'want'. What I wanted was an access to internet, what I needed was the knowledge to get me there. Your latest book 'Int for Dumbos' is exactly the tool to satisfy my needs.

Having cut my teeth on nascom, motorola 6804, apple, Z80, and other archaic stuff, this easy access is a whole new world.

Many thanks for your efforts-you keep writing and I'l keep reading.

Many and Best regards,


-- Roger, England
July 3
(about The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition)
I liked the clear, concise writing. Quick and entertaining at the same time.
-- Blair, Pennsylvania
July 2
(about The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition)
Just checking for my address as you suggested--LOVED the book! I have some computer experience but NO INTERNET -- Your book made it so easy!! Thank you.
-- Reader, AOL
July 1
(about The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition)
Very well written. Humorous and very informative.
-- Indio, AOL
June 30
(about The Internet for Dummies, 5th edition)
Hi Dummies, Great books on internet/email. Keep up the good work, they're appreciated both sides of "the pond".
-- Michael, England

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