Updates to Windows XP: The Complete Reference

Corrections to our book, Windows XP: The Complete Reference:

  • CarbonCopy, Compaq's remote-control program that enables you to use another PC over a LAN or the Internet, was acquired by Altiris. Its new Web site is at http://www.altiris.com. (It's referred to in Chapter 4, where we discuss the Remote Assistance feature.)

  • NetRadio.com folded. (It's referred to in Chapter 19.) Try the NPR Web site at www.npr.org instead. Or Live365, at www.live365.com.

  • SRS WOWcast.com is now at www.srstechnologies.com.

  • HomeSite, our favorite Web page editor, is now owned by Macromedia. Its home page is at www.macromedia.com/software/homesite.

  • MSN Messenger, mentioned on page 633, has been replaced by Windows Messenger. We knew you'd already figured that out, but we thought we'd point it out for completeness sake.
Some proofreading errors we didn't catch:

  • Page 30: In the Minimizing Windows section, second line, replace "Bring Desktop To Front" with "Show The Desktop". In the second paragraph, first sentence, replace "Send Desktop To Back" with "Show Open Windows".

  • Page 304: The fifth paragraph shouldn't be in quotes.

  • Page 762:View LAN Resources with the Net Command, in the first paragraph, third sentence: Replace the two forward-slashes with two backslashes, like this: "Then type net view \\computername and press Enter."

  • Page 778: Under the heading Controlling Access with Simple File Sharing: in the second sentence Change "You can select" to "You can clear". In the third sentence change "Leave this check box blank" to "Select this check box".

  • Page 879: In the last bullet, replace "Normal Mode" with "Start Windows Normally".

  • Pages 961 and 963: Page headers should say Chapter 40, not Appendix 40.

Here are some other Windows XP tidbits that we found out about since the book went to the printer:

  • How to Uninstall Windows Messenger, which Microsoft has tried to make impossible. But if you are willing to edit the c:/ WNNT/inf/sysoc.inf file, you can make Windows Messenger appear on the Add Or Remove Programs list of list. Paul Thurott's SuperSite tells you how, as well as including instructions for other ways to change the way Windows works.

  • How to Find Out Exactly Which Version of Windows XP You Have: Choose Start | Run, type "cmd" and press Enter to open a Command Prompt window. Type "winver" and press Enter to display a window with your WIndows XP version and build number (the final build was 2600).

  • Visual Styles and Skins for Windows XP are at www.wincustomize.com.

  • Tweaking XP is covered in depth by the TweakXP.com Web site.

  • How to Clear Your My Recent Documents Folder: Right-click the Start button and select Properties from the menu that appears. On the Start Menu tab, with the Start Menu readio button selected (it probably already is), click the Customize button to display the Customize Start Menu dialog box. Click the Advanced tab and then click the Clear List button in the Recent Documents section of the dialog box. Click OK. (We won't ask why you might want to do this!). Thanks to Tatman in Australia for this tip.

  • Backing Up Your Outlook Express and IE Data can be done by using ExpressAssist 2000, a shareware utility that backs up your Outlook Express mail folders, Windows address book, and Internet Explorer Favorites folder.

  • Microsoft's TweakUI Program is available for download from here.

  • Microsoft Plans to Expand Windows Messaging: Details are in this article.

  • Windows XP Doesn't Support MP3 Files, but you can buy add-ons that do, as explained in this article.

This page updated Oct 19, 2002

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