Internet Secrets, 2nd edition

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By John R. Levine.
2000, US$39.99, C$59.99, £36.99, 1086 pages, ISBN 0-7645-3239-1.

The Internet's a big place with a lot of secrets, and for the new edition, we rounded up 1000 pages of the most interesting and useful ones we could find. Includes one CD-ROM of software.

Expert Contributors from Around the World

  • Joel Furr, Duke University, Durham N.C. A true Net legend, with his own fan newsgroups.
  • Dave Kinnaman, Austin Tex. Author or Co-author of several books on the Internet and on-line business.
  • Nancy McGough, London UK. Widely quoted expert on e-mail filtering.
  • ... and dozens more

Table of Contents


Part I: Getting to Know the Internet
1 How does the Internet Work?
2 Who's Paying for the Bandwith?
3 Internet Standards
4 The DNS Wars
5 How the Domain Name System Works
6 Whither the Internet
7 Net Culture and Folklore

Part II: Internet Power 8 Connecting to the Internet
9 Scenes from the Browser Wars
10 Using FTP

Part III: E-mail power
11 How does e-mail work?
12 E-mail filtering with procmail
13 Running a mailing list
14 All about spam
15 How does usenet work?
16 Power usenet on Unix and Linux
17 Internet Telephony

Part IV: A Crash Course in Web (Page) Site Design
18 Cool Web Design Principles
19 A Crash Course in HTML
20 Extensions to HTML
21 Just Enough XML for the Web
22 Programming and Scripting

Part V: Creating a Presence on the Internet
23 What is e-business?
24 Promoting and Advertising Your Web Site
25 Push Technology
26 Analyzing Traffic on Your Web Site
27 How to Set Up a Business on the Web
28 Web Store Fronts
29 Electronic Commerce

Part VI: Really secret stuff
30 Intranets and Extranets
31 Running an ISP
32 Internationalization
33 Internet Legal Issues
34 Securing Your Web Server with a Firewall
35 Protecting Your Web Server
36 Cryptography and Encryption Techniques
37 Picking a String Passphrase Using Diceware
38 CipherSaber: Strong Cryptography You can Write Yourself
39 Pretty Good Privacy

Part VII: Online communication
40 Online Chatting
41 Power IRC
42 MUDS, Avatars, and Other Fun Stuff
43 Internet Gaming
44 Internet Access for People with Disabilities
A CD-ROM Contents and installation
B Diceware Word List
C National domains and registrars

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