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Updated December 19, 2014.

You can use all of your favorite Web search pages from this page! Each box performs a search of the World Wide Web using a search page. Type something in the box and press Enter to perform a search. Or click the name of the Web search page (for example, "Google") to go to the main page for that site.

The results of each search are opened in a new browser window. If you want to start over with another search, switch back to this window and start again!

Our favorites

When we're looking for something on the net, these three sites usually find it for us.


Google uses a proprietary technique to rank pages by relevance, so the first pages you find are usually the ones that bear most directly on the topic you were searching for. Also has indexes of images, usenet discussions, and current news stories from online sources around the world.
Try the built in forward and reverse phone book (enter a name and two-letter state abbreviation or a phone number), and maps (enter an address, city, state.)

Microsoft Bing

Bing is Microsoft's Google Killer. It's nowhere near as comprehensive as Google, but Microsoft is working really hard on it so it's worth a try.


This quirky search engine promises not to collect or share personal information. Rather than trying to build a search from scratch, it uses (with permission) a wide range of information sources, from Bing to the Muppet Wiki.
DuckDuckGo is a labor of love, mostly written by one guy in Pennsylvania.

What happened to the other search engines you used to list?

The Internet changes every day, and with the dot.com implosion, many sites have gone away.
Ask Jeeves is still in business, but their search section seems to be on auto-pilot, not as good as the three above.
Yahoo! is still around, but their search is really Google.
AllTheWeb< and AltaVista have been absorbed by Yahoo.
Northern Light got rid of their search engine and now just has their "Special Collection" service, mostly of business research.
Aardvark sold itself to Google who couldn't figure out what to do with it and shut it down.
Lycos got out of the search business. We're not sure what they do now.
Magellan merged into Excite.
Excite's parent company went bankrupt and the site was absorbed by InfoSpace (Try clicking on their name and see what they turned into.) They now give preferred placement to sites that pay to be listed, and have an impressive blizzard of pop-up ads.
Hotbot was sold to Lycos and no longer has any distinctive content.
Infoseek merged into Disney's go.com and disappeared into the inferior overture.com which shows sites in order of how much they paid to be listed.
Savvy Search disappeared, probably because the students running it lost interest or graduated.

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